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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

If you have any questions, contact

News and Analysis

The Gaza Crisis, Giving Thanks, and More on Austerity…

As the Middle East dominated headlines and op-eds this week, nationwide protests against Wal-Mart in the US revealed a spirit of sharing and solidarity amid the shopping mayhem of Black Friday, while over in Europe the news was dominated by austerity, austerity and more austerity. A roundup of news highlights from STWR.

The International Responsibility for Justice in Occupied Palestine

There can be no talk of peace in the Middle East so long as Israel is given political immunity, financial assistance and diplomatic support by other Western states. It is high time that the international community assumed responsibility for securing justice for the Palestinian people.

Imagining the Ultimate Global Sharing Day

The growing support for the sharing economy has the potential to change the way we understand and address the many challenges we face. But it is at the national and global level that sharing can have a truly transformative impact in relation to poverty, sustainability and world peace. 

A Welfare State for America, and for the World?

This week saw the world’s first ever Global Sharing Day, a renewed focus on austerity and the Welfare State in America, and an ingenious initiative from Occupy to free citizens from debt distress. Is it time for Occupy to also include a worldwide safety net as one of their campaign priorities? A roundup of news highlights from STWR.

Attention America: Welfare is Not a Dirty Word

Bravo to the magazine 'In These Times' for proudly hailing the importance of the welfare state in America. It is essential that more progressives follow their example in advocating sharing on a nationwide level - which is exactly what the universal provision of social welfare is all about.

Global Sharing Day: Press Release from STWR

STWR are one of the partners for the world’s first ever Global Sharing Day on Wednesday 14th November. As a host of sharing-related activities take place throughout the day, let’s celebrate the importance of sharing in all its forms – including in relation to poverty, inequality and climate change. 

Where is the Real Hope for Change in America?

What should we make of President Obama's election victory this week? Only one thing is for sure: the intense focus on the bombast of politicians is somewhat misplaced, and we still await the public to rise up in a concerted call for sharing and justice.

STWR Newsletter: November 2012

In recent months, STWR has attended a number of conferences and published various papers in which we argue the necessity of sharing global resources, and call on everyone to raise their voice for global sharing. An update of news and activities from Share The World's Resources. 

It's Time to Go Big: A Vision for the Sharing Economy

The story of what our society is all about is now up for grabs, and the sharing economy has an opportunity to develop a vision that shows how sharing addresses the world’s greatest challenges and offers a new, inspiring way forward for society, writes Neal Gorenflo.

What Would a Global Campaign on Industrial Policy Look Like?

As the Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang argues, industrial policy is the proverbial 'Prince' that is missing from 'Hamlet' in discussions about development. So should NGOs work out a global campaign on industrial upgrading, or is that just too weird and abstract to work? By Duncan Green.

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