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News and Analysis

Africa still on road to disaster, says UN

The UN called for urgent action today to avert "disaster" in Africa as it outlined the human cost of a business-as-usual approach to development in the world's poorest continent.

Broken promises leave three million children to die in Africa

As Blair and Bush close in on deal over debt, UN report reveals human cost

Revealed: the new scramble for Africa

A new "scramble for Africa" is taking place among the world's big powers, who are tapping into the continent for its oil and diamonds.

A game of double bluff

The UK and EU are keeping the poorer nations exactly where they want them: beholden to their patrons

An inequitable life

The yawning wealth gap in 'booming' China is badly hampering foreign attempts to help the country's have-nots

A Restraint of Liberty

We can deal with climate change only with the help of governments. So far, however, when confronted with a choice between the two sacred commodities - market freedom and human life - the one they have chosen to preserve is market freedom, writes George Monbiot.

G7 fails to agree on debt relief

The world's most developed nations have reaffirmed the need to provide debt relief to poor countries.

"Failure" to educate world's poor

The world's richest countries are failing to provide the funds needed for education in the developing world, the Global Campaign for Education has said.

Ghana pays price for west's rice subsidies
Oxfam says livelihoods of farm workers being destroyed
Tesco in row over foreign workers

Women fruit pickers in South Africa endure 'pitiful conditions', says report

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