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News and Analysis

Drop the debt? Whose debt?

If you returned home one day to find that your neighbour had bought a car ? a Mercedes ? for themselves, but wanted you to pay for it, you would be understandably upset. If your neighbour had moreover re-mortgaged your house and beat up your family using baseball bats bought with the money, you would be rightly distressed with them and the bank which had provided the mortgage.

21 years on, fear of famine still stalks Ethiopia

On the plains where a BBC crew alerted the world to a tragedy of 'biblical' proportions, food is still scarce.

We need to form cartels

The west is not, out of altruism, going to reverse the system of trade that impoverishes Africa. It is Africa that must fight politically to force the change. Why hasn't it been done before now? The answer is that African governments have, in the past, been short-sighted and self-centred to a degree that borders on stupidity.

A storeroom of diseases

Issues surrounding water are central to achieving the UN millennium goals. Jeevan Vasagar visited Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in Africa, to see how a scarcity of clean water affects the people of Addis Ababa

How eight people will decide fate of a continent

Britain wanted a $50bn (£27bn) rise in aid (on top of the current $69bn aid flow) in 2005 and every year after. The aim was to help Africa meet Millennium Development Goals for 2015.

How Europe cheats Africa
Heather Stewart describes how the EU's cosseted farmers are helping to keep a continent in poverty
Africa Commission: It just won't work

Tony Blair's desire to save Africa is admirable; his ideas are not

UK arms sales to Africa reach 1 billion mark

British arms sales to Africa have risen to record levels over the last four years and have reached the £1 billion mark.

Campaigners: Debt plan gives too little to too few

Debt campaigners welcomed Gordon Brown's announcement today of a "modern Marshall Plan" for Africa, but expressed concerns that the initiative was deficient and fraught with problems for poor countries.

Oil wealth urged to save Africa
The fabled wealth of the oil-rich Gulf states is to be targeted in an attempt to salvage a major debt relief deal for Africa ahead of the G8 summit in Gleneagles.
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