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News and Analysis

The Price Of Oil And The Bush Dollar

There's been a lot of hand-wringing going on among economists and politicians, and a lot of fuming at the gas pump by consumers over the soaring price of oil over the last two years.

Technology has its pitfalls

Devinder Sharma argues that much of the agrarian crisis in India is the result of such 'unwanted' and 'cost-intensive' technologies that have been forced on small scale farmers.

Make sure G8 debt promises are kept

The G8 proposals on debt and aid represent serious progress, but the devil may still peer out of the details during its implementation. It is essential we all scrutinise them closely, as Mark Curtis does (Comment, August 23). He is right to point out the obfuscation in the OECD's method for counting debt and aid into an overall development assistance number, mixing both the ongoing aid flows with the bookkeeping of debt relief, as if they were equal parts.

US deficit 'is not China's fault'

Japan and Germany need to raise economic growth sharply if the world economy is to correct its growing imbalances, particularly the US current account deficit, a United Nations organisation said yesterday.

Projects of Mass Destruction (PMD) and Floods in Bangladesh

Three fifth of Bangladesh is now under water. About 50 million people are thrown from bad to worse conditions. Not everybody is suffering; there is a small section of people who feel joy with the rising water. They find their business (from alu-patal to fund stealing to huge (re)construction potential to flood control consultancy) booming.

Bush accused of Aids damage to Africa

A senior United Nations official has accused President George Bush of "doing damage to Africa" by cutting funding for condoms, a move which may jeopardise the successful fight against HIV/Aids in Uganda.

Clean getaway?

Hydrogen-powered cars are being touted as the pollution-free alternative of the future. But, reveals Lucy Siegle, they'll come with a dirty secret...

How the G8 lied to the world on aid
The truth about Gleneagles puts a cloud over the New York summit
African fish industry 'in crisis'

Africa's fisheries industry is facing a crisis, experts have claimed, with over-fishing and a lack of investment threatening its long-term future.

Still hungry

The world produces more than enough food for all of us. So why will 200 million children go to sleep tonight hungry? Alex Renton investigates the relationship between food and poverty - and what a child calls supper around the world.

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