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News and Analysis

Food aid less efficient than cash, says study

Shipping food rather than cash to disaster-hit poor countries cuts the benefit of such aid by a third, according to a new study that raises a fraught issue in world trade negotiations.

Patently unfair: Rice in a private grip

As multinationals tightened their monopoly control over rice, a staple food for more than half the world's population, we are witnessing the beginning of a scientific apartheid against all Third World countries, writes Devinder Sharma.

It would seem that I was wrong about big business
Corporations are ready to act on global warming but are thwarted by ministers who resist regulation in the name of the market.
Foreign investment not doing the job for Africa

The large inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Africa since 2000 looks good on paper but is unlikely to deliver lasting benefits to Africans according to a United Nations report.

U.S. Leads The World In Sale Of Military Goods

As insecurity mounts from Najaf to New Orleans, more weapons and high-tech military equipment are flowing into some of the globe's most vulnerable and war-torn regions.

The US Fight Against the Fight Against Poverty

The negotiations on the draft declaration for the World Summit - which opens on Tuesday - have been nothing short of bizarre. The United States government has fought a relentless battle to dissociate itself from specific obligations regarding international development, and has tried repeatedly to the quash obligations that it has taken on the past. All of this has been taking place at a time when the US itself has become an aid recipient, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

UN spells out the stark choice: do more for world's poor or face disaster

The world is heading for a "heavily signposted human development disaster" of needless child deaths, illiteracy and abject poverty

Diseases of rich deprive poor of drugs

The world's poorest people are being denied access to drugs because pharmaceutical companies are focusing their resources on diseases suffered by wealthy, middle-aged Americans, such as obesity and heart disease, a leading expert will say tomorrow.

Live 8: But what really happened next?

Three months ago Bob Geldof declared Live 8 had achieved its aim. But what really happened next?

And still he stays silent
By hailing the failure of this summer's G8 summit as a success, Bob Geldof has betrayed the poor of Africa
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