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News and Analysis

World Economic Forum on Latin America

The last two years marked a vigorous economic recovery for Latin America following the long period of stagnation that began in 1998. However, a number of vulnerabilities remain despite the recent strong growth performance.

The True Costs of the Iraq War

The most important things in life ­ like life itself ­ are priceless. But that doesn’t mean that issues involving the preservation of life (or a way of life), like defense, should not be subjected to cool, hard economic analysis.

U.S. Immigration Policy Fosters Bad Neighbor Relations

Guillermo Martinez was only 20 years old when he was shot in the back at close range by an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol in the state of California on December 30, 2005.

The World Water Forum, 16 - 22 March 2006
In 1997 the world’s first water forum was held in Marrakech by the World Water Council, where it was agreed that a mandate was needed to develop a long-term ‘Vision for Water, Life and the Environment in the 21st Century.’

The challenge they set themselves almost ten years ago, has only increased in scale as meeting humanity’s needs for water in the face of increasing demand and depleting supply is now a huge issue facing many countries.

In 2000 the World Water Forum met for the second time in The Hague to thrash out what this Vision was and how it could materialise. It was noted that the world’s water resources needed to be managed to provide for future needs, and that responsibility and commitment was needed from the governments and stakeholders who had control over the policies which affect global water supplies. Central to this Vision are the principles of collaboration, partnership and innovation and the sharing of experience and knowledge of different organisations involved in global water politics.

Agrarian Reform: a way out of hunger and poverty for millions of impoverished small farmers

At the dawn of the third millennium, three-quarters of the world's 852 million men and women suffering from hunger are found in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their survival. Most of them are landless farmers or have such tiny or unproductive plots of land that they cannot feed their families.

Armed forces are put on standby to tackle threat of wars over water

Across the world, they are coming: the water wars. From Israel to India, from Turkey to Botswana, arguments are going on over disputed water supplies that may soon burst into open conflict.

Sharing the World's Water

The United Nations and the United States government estimate that by 2015 at least 40 per cent of the world’s population (3 billion people) will live in countries where it is difficult or impossible to get enough water to satisfy basic needs.  

Africa and the Neocolonial Development Mirage

“We will have to rely on ourselves, our own resources and our efforts”
Thabo Mbeki

Hunger on the rise in America

Below are excerpts from ''Hunger in America 2006,'' a study released Thursday by America's Second Harvest, a network of 80 percent of U.S. food-relief groups. The study can be found at

Goodbye Greenspan, Banzai Ben

On 31 January, Alan Greenspan stepped down after 18½ years as Chairman of the Fedeal Reserve. This paper offers a Washington based assessment of his legacy, especially on the objectives of low inflation and transparency in central bank procedures.

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