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STWR has launched a new website:

This older website is no longer being updated and is due to be closed down within the next few weeks.

All of STWR’s own content has been transferred to the new website, but most of the third-party content currently on the old site will soon be unavailable.

If you have any questions, contact

News and Analysis

Can the Sharing Economy Solve Global Hunger? It All Depends...

Few people within the sharing economy movement are considering the application of this important concept to the most pressing global issues of our time. So it’s very encouraging to see an article that asks if sharing can solve global hunger – although a comprehensive answer deserves much more research, insight and consideration.

A Vision of Sharing in a Not-For-Profit World

A new project by the Post Growth Institute is exploring the prospect of a mainstream shift toward not-for-profit enterprise as an alternative to the growth-based model of business and finance. Could this form a crucial plank in the vision for a new economy based on sharing and cooperation, rather than competition and endless consumption?

Global Sharing Day 2013: Let's Talk about Food

The idea of sharing food has taken root in recent years as a response to our broken food systems, but does it make sense to talk about food sharing on a global basis? Perhaps it does, as long as we advocate a true form of economic sharing that addresses the power structures and politics underlying our unjust globalised food economy.

STWR Interviewed by WereldDelen magazine

The social, environmental and economic crises that continue to reap havoc across the globe provide a critical opportunity for ordinary people to demand economic reform and political transformation says STWR's director, Rajesh Makwana, in an interview with John Habets & Henk Gloudemans.

The Conversation on Sharing with a Capital S

Discussions and events that focus on sharing are becoming ever more mainstream in 2013, but the broad conversation that encompasses the sharing economy also poses some challenges - especially when we consider what sharing means in international terms.

STWR Newsletter: March 2013

Read about STWR's work in 2012 and some of our planned participation at events over the coming year in the newsletter for March, which includes a run-down of recent articles and posts as well as an overview of our upcoming research priorities and a website redesign.

Will Development Goals Ever Be Enough?

Governments must accept that the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate change will never be addressed without substantial reforms to the global economy. In the meanwhile, the post-2015 development goals need to be much more ambitious about preventing avoidable poverty-related deaths within an immediate timeframe.   

STWR Annual Review 2012

Our latest Annual Review provides an overview of STWR’s key activities over the course of 2012 as well as an insight into our plans for 2013, which include a website redesign, the publication of further reports and our involvement in a number of upcoming events.  

STWR Webinar Discussion on Global Sharing

In a recent webinar discussion STWR presented an overview of what sharing means in economic and political terms, and outlined how the principle of sharing could act as both a guide for policymakers and a rallying platform for civil society in the urgent process of world reconstruction.

Facing the Future: Share to Survive

In a guest post on Friends of the Earth's Green Blog, Benita Matofska of The People Who Share says that a new model is emerging for how the world could operate, and argues that the simple solution to our most complex global problems is the sharing economy. 

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